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Get Healthy This Holiday Season With Merry Crate™


We would like to wish all our customers a healthy and happy Holidays. As we approach the holiday season and look forward to spending time with family and friends we frequently also turn our attention to getting healthier.

At Merry Crate we make every effort to offer you healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives to treat yourself and your family. A number of our Merry Makers bring their personal experiences with Healthy Food and Personal Care alternatives to their products. Let’s take a look:

  • Carmen’s Zucchini Bread is as delicious as it is heathy. When friends tried out her delicious bread and cake they urged her to find a channel to make these available to other neighbors that look for healthy food alternatives.
  • Celina’s Drops Of Fire is a gourmet addition to your cooking. With a hint of fire in each drop it spices up any dish you may be serving this holiday season.
  • Real Food For Dogs by Gisselle is a great alternative to commercial brands. Hand made, it brings real chicken, salmon, cod and beef as special treats for your canine family members. 
  • If you are looking for a sweet alternative that is healthy too, our cookies, cakes and breads made by Adriana de Urquidi, Manuel & Emma Diaz, as well as Haydee Segura will bring the right mix of taste and goodness to your palate.
  • Michele’s Marshmallows, a completely organic, GMO free and Dairy Free creation, is also a great treat for the holidays.
  • Looking for an exciting and healthy tea and spices to try out these holidays? Try the special blends made by Sapna. 
  • Jadoo’s Natural Odor Eliminators are a green and natural alternative to brighten your home with great aromas.
  • Our collection of organic and natural cold-pressed juices and smoothies by Ana Jones is a great way to nurture yourself with fresh and healthy ingredients.
  • One of our latest additions made by Joe, is a 100% natural Kombucha – a traditional drink that is enjoying a renaissance – it brings the goodness of heathy food packaged in convenient bottles.
  • Good Vikings, a 100% natural spice mix made by Nathan, is already a favorite with a number of our customers. It brings the taste and flavor of freshly ground spices to your dinner table.
  • As we approach the festivities we would like to offer you these healthy alternatives and wish you a very happy and MERRY holidays!

The Merry Crate™ Team.

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