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100% Pure Organic Orange Juice




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100% Pure Organic Orange Juice

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100% Pure Organic Orange Juice

Number of items per package: 1 bottle.

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I Am The Juice Place

"I AM THE JUICE PLACE was founded in 2014 by Ana Jones. Ana was born and raised in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Her heritage and upbringing play a big role in the business since she grew up having fresh juice every day. ​ Ana is a nutritionist who spent several years looking at different nutritional theories and found that a combination of things influenced her way of staying healthy – she noticed how much thoughts affected her mood, therefore affecting her cravings and consumption of foods. Due to her experience in teaching yoga she was well aware that nutrition was not a matter of out-to-in but in-to-out. What does this mean? It means that nutrition comes from within. She believes the thoughts we have are pathways, they are options, infinite possibilities of choices we have but only we have the power to choose what we want to act upon. Most of our thoughts do not belong to us. They were somehow picked up along the way and engraved in our memory. That's why we have the thoughts we do. Ana's personal mission is to shed light on what she's discovered has worked for her to live a more joyful and healthy life. These two words, I AM, have so much power. They are affirmations targeting every single cell in your body whether you are aware of this or not. Thoughts shape minds and define lives. We are convinced that nutrition works from the inside out just as much as from the outside in and that your thoughts are the most important source of fuel – positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself will nourish you more than anything else. That’s why we came up with the concept of merging thoughts and food. Healthy thoughts + healthy foods = healthy YOU. It may seem a surreal concept nowadays, when it comes to cold-pressed juice places—to watch what you’re going to put in your body being made right in front of you— but we want to do things the right way and we know that the sophisticated and cultured people of Dallas will have no problem waiting a little more for a higher-quality product made-to-order. As they say, good things come to those who wait."

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